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Patrick Cruz: Guildford Drift and SMPTE Hedge

This exhibition connects two suburbs named Surrey.

In Guildford Drift, the viewer is presented with two monitors that display colourful abstract imagery (generated by sampling a single image from an SMPTE colour bar and processing these images through an animation program) that are alternated at different heights on the wall with three additional monitors that present a series of blurred shifting landscapes of imagery from the suburban streets of Guildford Surrey in Canada and Guildford, Surrey in the United Kingdom. The artist manipulates the image to both examine and re-present the raw – pixilated, distorted – fragments of digital information.

The sculpture-painting SMPTE Hedge presents six artificial trees that have been spray-painted different colours and placed in a linear configuration that recalls television colour bar test patterns. Cruz used the configuration of a hedge to guide the viewer through the darkened room. At the same time, the colour pattern’s incorporation into the hedge row suggested a tight relationship between suburban life and television culture.

Presented as part of the exhibition Emergent: Patrick Cruz, A.S. Dhillon and Debbie Teupah.

About the Artist

Patrick Cruz (b. Manila, 1987) attended University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, and graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Over the past few years, Cruz’s art has investigated the aesthetics and potentialities of image making through contemporary social networking culture. Recent solo showings include birth of a seagull eschewed by a crow in good standing (2012), Small Gallery; Yin Yang Temple (2011), Unit/Pitt; and Made in the Philippines (2010), W00 Gallery.

Image credit: Patrick Cruz, SMPTE Hedge (2012), 6 artifical plants, acrylic paint, 25.4 cm x 5 cm. Photo by Scott Massey.