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There / Here: Germaine Koh + Gordon Hicks

Multiple doorways link space and time through the sensation of touch.

According to the cultural historian Hillel Schwarz, an event "'must take place twice to take place at all."

Regular collaborators, Vancouver artist Germaine Koh and Toronto artist Gordon Hicks, are interested how, in our age of everyday telepresence generated by continual computer and PDA use, relationships between time and space are being altered in significant ways.

There/Here was an installation consisting of multiple doorways linked through space and time. Using an Internet data stream, the actions performed on one object were duplicated on the other.

In this spatial diptych of co-relation, the act of entering is simultaneously a form of uncanny exiting. In addition to this new artwork, Surrey Art Gallery presented an additional artwork from each artist: Phone (2009) by Germaine Koh and Loop02 (2010) by Hicks.

Image credit: Installation shot of There/Here by Germaine Koh and Gordon Hicks at Surrey Art Gallery. Photo by Scott Massey.