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Yam Lau: Room

Step into intimate domestic spaces through photography, video, and digital animation.

How have notions of house and home changed since the end of the last century? How do artists represent these changes in their art? From the increasingly blurred boundaries between work and play to the array of new "smart home" gadgetry available to home owners, and from the condensed living quarters of new condos to the new strategies working parents create to occupy their latch key children, the changing nature of what constitutes ‘the domestic’ is never far away from the daily news. Yam Lau: Room is part of the exhibition series Dwelling, which explores the inner and outer limits of "the domestic."

Balancing still and moving image, transparency and privacy, Toronto-based artist Yam Lau’s Room: An Extension (2008) and Rehearsal (2010) are video portraits that re-create familiar spaces in varied dimensions and perspectives that unfold like architectural origami. Lau’s mesmerizing videos integrate cinematic and photographic techniques, and computer animation with real action scenes in ways that illuminate the everyday moments and private settings in which individuals reside.

Image credit: Yam Lau, Room: An Extension, video still. Photo courtesy of artist.