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Glocal: Me and My World

This interactive, online artwork offers a new lens on how to see the world, beginning with Surrey.

Glocal was a youth-centered exhibition and program of events that demonstrates the influence new media technologies are having on the youth's experience of the world. It was produced in two phases and premiered in 2009, and continued on exhibit throughout the Olympic Winter Games and Cultural Festival in 2010.

Glocal joined together the words "global" and "local" to express the contemporary experience of being part of a neighborhood, a global community, and a diasporic culture.

The phenomenon of "Glocal" is the product of our increasing connectedness to technology and was the theme linking all aspects of this project. It included:

  • training workshops,
  • internships and artist residencies,
  • team building, and
  • group processes and forward thinking,

resulting in an innovative and interactive exhibition and events program.

Read the exhibition brochure.

Image credit: Photo of Glocal launch at Surrey Art Gallery.