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Protecting the Future, Serving the Present

Protecting the Future, Serving the Present by Artform Sculpture Studio. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Artist: Artform Sculpture Studio
Location: Holland Park (13428 Old Yale Road)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2009

About Protecting the Future, Serving the Present

This bronze-coloured concrete sculpture was dedicated to the Surrey Firefighters in recognition of their contribution to the City over the past 50 years. It speaks of the spirit and diversity of firefighters, their efforts to safeguard our neighbourhoods and homes, and their charitable work, especially that directly benefitting youth in our community.

The firefighter depicted has been modelled after a serving member of the Surrey Fire Department. Of Korean descent, he represents not only the years of dedicated firemen, but also the cultural and ethnic diversity that is one of the hallmarks of the City of Surrey.

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About the Artists

ArtForm Sculpture Studio is a collective team of artisans that conceptualized the artwork, sculpted, molded, cast, and fine finished the statues. The team consists of Bill Johnson, Mike Snyder, Fred Dobbs and Derek Rowe. Each member of the team brought years of specialized skill and talent to create this detailed life size figurative work of art.