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Newton Town Centre Field Inspection Report

Outdoor sports facilities are currently open for casual use. Effective June 17, the City will resume issuing permits for outdoor sport facility bookings. All local sport organizations that have COVID-19 safety plans in place that have been approved by their applicable governing body may contact the City at 604-501-5174 or to obtain a permit.

COVID-19 and Outdoor Sport Facilities Use

The City will be following the guidelines put in place by the Provincial Sport Organization. Appropriate signage will be in posted at all sports fields.

To help keep us all safe, please stay home if you are sick. When using sport courts and sports fields remember to:

  • stay 2 metres apart from others
  • practice only individual skills / no contact
  • clean your equipment and hands often
  • limit your time when others are waiting

If we all do our part to stay safe, we can keep our outdoor sport facilities open.

Current inspection date: March 20, 2020

Field Name Status Comments
Bear Creek Oval Closed Football Field
Bear Creek South Practice Closed  
Bear Creek Field Events Closed West Practice Field
Brookside 8v8 Soccer #1 Open North Field
Brookside 8v8 Socccer #2 Open South Field
Cambridge Closed Mini Field
Chimney Heights 8v8 Soccer #1 Open North Field
Chimney Heights 8v8 Soccer #2 Open South Field
Cougar Creek Full-Size Soccer Closed Summer Field
Cougar Creek Mini Soccer Closed Summer Field
Enver Creek Closed  
Frank Hurt Full-Size Soccer Closed Summer Field
Goldstone Soccer #1 Open West Field
Goldstone Soccer #2 Open East Field
Kabaddi Full-Size Soccer Closed Summer Field
NAP Soccer #5 Closed Summer East Field
NAP Soccer #6 Closed Summer Center Field
NAP Soccer #7 Closed Summer West Field
NAP Soccer #8 Closed Upper West Field
NAP Soccer #9 Closed Upper East Field
NAP Soccer #10 Closed Lower West Field
NAP Soccer #11 Closed Lower East Field
NAP Mini Soccer #2 Closed South of Synthetic Field #3
NAP Mini Soccer #3 Closed South of NAP 8v8 #4a (Summer Field)
NAP 8v8 Soccer #4a Closed West of Synthetic Field #3 (Summer Field)
Princess Margaret Gravel Field Open  
Strawberry Full Size Soccer Closed Summer Field
Strawberry Mini Soccer Closed  
Sullivan Heights Cricket Closed Summer Field
Sullivan Heights Mini Soccer Closed  
Sullivan Heights Rugby Open  
Tamanawis Mini Socccer Closed  
Unwin Soccer #1 Closed West Field
Unwin Soccer #2 Closed East Field
West Newton Cricket Closed Summer Field

CD - Club Discretion
NAP-  Newton Athletic Park