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Newton Town Centre Field Inspection Report

Current inspection date: Spring 2019

Field Name Status Comments
Bear Creek Oval Closed Football Field
Bear Creek South Practice Closed  
Bear Creek Field Events Open West Practice Field
Brookside 8v8 #1 Open North Field
Brookside 8v8 #2 Open South Field
Cambridge Open Summer Field
Chimney Heights 8v8 #1 Open North Field
Chimney Heights 8v8 #2 Open South Field
Cougar Creek Full-Size Open Summer Field
Cougar Creek Mini Open Summer Field
Enver Creek Open  
Frank Hurt Full-Size Open Summer Field
Goldstone #1 Open West Field
Goldstone #2 Open East Field
Kabaddi Full-Size Open Summer Field
NAP #8-9 Cricket Open Upper West Field
NAP #10-11 Cricket Open Lower East Field
NAP Mini #2 Closed South of Synthetic Field #3
NAP Mini #3 Closed South of NAP 8v8 #4
NAP 8v8 #4 Closed West of Synthetic Field #3
Princess Margaret Gravel Field Open  
Strawberry Full Size Open Summer Field
Sullivan Heights Cricket Open  
Sullivan Heights Rugby Closed  
West Newton Cricket Open Summer Field

CD - Club Discretion
NAP-  Newton Athletic Park