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South Surrey Town Centre Field Inspection Report

To minimize the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission, all playing fields in the City are closed for organized sports. Provincial sport organizations like BC Soccer, BC Football, BC Baseball, BC Softball and BC Cricket have suspended all play.

Casual use of sports fields and open green space in our parks can take place within the parameters of social distancing.

Current Inspection Date: March 20, 2020

Field Name Status Comments
Bakerview Closed Soccer Field
Dufferin 8v8 Soccer #1 Open North Field
Dufferin 8v8 Soccer #2 Open South Field
H.T. Thrift Gravel Field Open  
Jessie Lee Gravel Field Open  
Morgan Creek 8v8 Soccer #1 Open West Field
Morgan Creek 8v8 Soccer #2 Open East Field
South Meridian Open Soccer Field
SSAP Rugby #1 Open East Rugby Field
SSAP Rugby #2 Open West Rugby Field
SSAP Football #4 Open Oval
SSAP Soccer #5 Open Upper West
SSAP Soccer #6 Open Upper East
SSAP Soccer #7 Open Lower West
SSAP Soccer #8 Open Lower East

CD- Club Discretion
SSAP- South Surrey Athletic Park