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Arts 2016

See work by local artists at Arts Council of Surrey's juried exhibition.

ARTS 2016 features over 50 works in various media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, fabric arts, and photography. While diverse in subject matter, this year’s selections show an emphasis on riddle-like images that require a second look and others that pay tribute to famous artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Magritte. The human figure in various costumes is represented in everything from watercolour to ballpoint pen. The striking number of photographic and digital works reveals a breadth of techniques, from old format gelatin prints on paper to computer compiled mashups printed on aluminum. Fibre art is also very prominent with explorations in quilting, embroidery, and needlepoint, including a humorous vignette of a skeleton moving out of its coffin with luggage in tow.

With a broad range of styles and themes, this exhibition is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Artists: Mohammad Reza Atashzad, Om Atman, Gurmehak Bhourji, Gail Biddle, Scarlet Black, Arlene Bowman, Hazel Breitkreutz, Larry Breitkreutz, Ewa Brzezinski, Elizabeth Carefoot, Gregory Dawe, Nino Dobrosavljevic, Dione Dolan, Tom Douglas, Polly Faminow, Vladimira Fillion-Walkenreuther, Kathleen Forsythe, Kathleen Gaitt, Katina Giesbrecht, Helmut Gruntorad, Louise Harding, Georgina Hunt, David Kilpatrick, Kosheng Ko, Karen Kroeker, Jorma Kujala, Melanie Lastoria, Cody Lecoy, Christine  Leviczky Riek, Barry Makela, Chito Maravilla, Keely Marie Marshall (don't use), Michelle McCutchon, Deborah Morriss, Wendy Mould, Shannon Nixon, Caryl-Lee Obrecht, Gillian Olson, George Omorean, Robert Gary Parkes, Melissa Peacock, Nino Persiani, Roland Rihela, Erik Rissiek, Parminder Singh Atwal, Maaka Squier, Gail Stephan, Paul Stilwell, Margaret Strickland, Raymund M. Valerio, Lenslie Paola Vargas, Branislav Vrbaski, Eunice Yoon

Curator: Juried
Origin of Exhibition: Arts Council of Surrey

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About Arts 2016

This annual juried exhibition generates awareness of local artists’ work and plays an important role in emerging artists’ professional development. The exhibition’s jury is charged with nominating artworks to receive first, second, third, and honourable mention awards in the categories of

  • Painting: Works on Canvas,
  • Painting: Works on Paper,
  • Drawing, 2-D Mixed Media & Printmaking,
  • 3-D Works & Fibre Arts, and
  • Photography & New Media.

Works are selected for their technical skill and innovative artistic thinking. Arts 2016 is organized by the Arts Council of Surrey and presented with the assistance of the Surrey Art Gallery.

Image credits (top to bottom): Gregory Dawe, Dream of Man. 1st place for Photography and New Media.

Raymund M. Valerio, View of Paris. 1st place for Painting: Works on Canvas.

Ewa Brzezinski, Spirit. 1st place for 3-D Works & Fibre Arts.