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Serpentine Wildlife Management Area

Two geese swimming, in the Serpentine Fen Nature Reserve.


4600 Block of King George Highway, Surrey BC

About Serpentine Wildlife Management Area

The Serpentine Wildlife Management Area - better known as the Serpentine Fen - is in a triangle between Highway 99, the King George Highway (99A), and the Serpentine River. The nature trail around Serpentine Fen Nature Reserve is around 3.5 kilometres long. Allow 1.5 hours for this walk.

The fen includes many different types of habitat in its 150 hectares, and is home to more than 130 different bird species. September and October is the busiest birding season. In the winter months, many birds shelter where there is open water and a good, natural food supply.

The Serpentine Wildlife Area is managed by Ducks Unlimited.