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School Programs at the Surrey Nature Centre

Students in a Surrey Nature Centre School Program

Surrey Nature Centre offers environmental education programs in the natural setting of Green Timbers Park. Enhance your classroom learning with hands-on, outdoor experiences as you learn about local ecosystems. All programs have a maximum of 30 students (K-7).

To register:

1. Call 604-502-6065 or email 
2. Be prepared to provide three possible dates.
3. Allow 7 business days for confirmation.

Can't make it to the Surrey Nature Centre in person? Check out our Nature Activity Kits for teachers.

2019/2020 School Programs

Winter Forest Labs (120 minutes; $138.60)

Soil & Plants
K - Gr. 2
Collect soil samples, then investigate with tools and microscopes in the lab. Take a closer look at seasonal growth rings from a real tree and discover what trees need to survive through interactive play and dress-up.

Animal Adaptations
Gr. 2 - 4
Migrate, hibernate, and stay active in a fun running game. Then, put the scientific method into action as you discover physical adaptations for winter survival and test how bird beaks are adapted to their food source.

Form & Function
Gr. 4 - 7 
Everything happens for a reason in nature. Discover real-life examples of how form affects function on a short nature walk, then head inside to investigate animal bones and experiment with plant leaves.

Spring programs (90 minutes; $105.25)

K - Gr. 2
Venture into the world of trees! Search for cones, bark and leaves in an active scavenger hunt and get a closer look at some of the critters who call trees home. Afterwards, play a game and hear a dramatic forest tale.

Plant Detectives
Gr. 1 - 3
Become a Plant Detective! Use clues to find out who's who among Surrey's native plants, uncover their unique qualities, and discover the roles they play in the lives of people including some traditional First Nations' uses.

Mini Ecosystems
Gr. 3 - 4
Get your hands dirty! Use your creativity and imagination to build a mini ecosystem, focussing on one local animals and their role within it. Show off your ecosystem awareness and creative design in a presentation to your peers.

Urban Forest 101
Gr. 4 - 7
What is our urban forest, and how does it help people? Meet some native and invasive plants, explore how we care for our urban forest through active games, and become an arborist to inspect the health of a tree - even calculate its true value.

Ecosystem Field Study
Gr. 5 - 7
Calling all ecologists! Collect field data, analyze your findings, and consider human impacts on biodiversity as you visit and study Green Timbers Lake.

Uncovering our Past
Gr. 5 - 7
Reveal the complex history of Green Timbers Park as you venture on a clue-collecting tour of the site. Considering logging, conservation, government involvement, First Nations' interests, and the enduring effects of early settlers, Green Timbers is more than just the birthplace of reforestation in B.C!