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What's New: Heritage

The iron throne

What's New: Heritage offers monthly updates on the vibrant heritage movement in the City of Surrey.

People of Surrey to Decide People's Choice Artifact

Many incredible belongings have been to donated to Heritage Surrey recently and they need your help determining the fan favourite. The finalist will be chosen through public input.The chosen artifact will be unveiled on International Museum Day on Saturday, May 18 by Daenerys Targaryen herself! Drop by the unveiling at noon for free.

How to Participate and Win

Tune into the Heritage Surrey Facebook page and Museum of Surrey Instagram account to see which two artifacts are duelling each day. Make your choice in the comments. Maybe even tag a friend so they can have a say as well! The artifact with the most engagement after 24 hours will move onto the next day’s duel. Each comment you make will be entered in a draw to win $100. See the contest details.

The Contenders

A film strip projector circa 1915

Film Strip Projector

This machine uses a kerosene lamp to backlight and project film strips onto a wall or screen. It was used in the Kennedy Heights district of Surrey.

Roller skates used in Surrey from 1960-90

Rollerskates, 1960-1990

These skates were used for fun and competitive roller dancing. The owner's favourite place to skate was Surrey's Stardust Roller Rink.

A 1994 Skytrain button

Skytrain Button, 1994

This pin is an advertising button for the opening of the Gateway, Surrey Central, and King George Skytrain stations in Surrey. Not everything in our collection is old!

An elephant figurine from Sri Lanka

Elephant Figurine, 1966-1979

This carving was owned by a Surrey family, who bought it in Sri Lanka on a visit after they had immigrated to Surrey. Not everything in the collection is from Surrey!

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