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Weight Room Etiquette 101

People working out in Newton Recreation Centre's weight room.

10 Tips to Follow for an Enjoyable Work Out

A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy workout environment! To ensure everyone enjoys their workout at City of Surrey recreation facilities, we have 10 simple etiquette rules to take note of—because everyone deserves to make the most of their exercise.

  1. Be courteous and respectful to others
  2. Place your belongs in lockers
  3. Turn your cellular phones to silent mode
  4. Wear appropriate workout attire (ex: clean T-shirts, shorts/sweat pants, clean athletic shoes)
  5. No open toe shoes or sandals
  6. Replace weights in rack after use no dropping!
  7. Share equipment and clean it after use
  8. Sign up to use cardio equipment (30-minute max)
  9. Use a clean towel during your workout
  10. Don’t bring food into the weight room

Weight Room Orientations

If you are looking to get started with weight and cardio equipment, ask about our weight room introductions! Certified instructors will lead you through an orientation on how to properly use the weight and cardio machines.

Please note: only people aged 13 and older are allowed in the weight room.

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