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5 Benefits of Working Out with a Friend

Two friends working out at the gym.

Before you go for a run by yourself or attend a spin class solo, consider bringing a friend to join your workout routine. Having a friend tag along at your workouts can give you significant advantages in reaching your fitness goals.

According to a study published in scientific journal Nature Communications research shows that friends can play a role in a person’s workout routine. That’s right. Call up your best friend and head to the gym together.

Our recreation staff have outlined the fitness benefits of working out with a friend—check out the list!

1. Motivation

You can always count on a friend to cheer you on while you do your final push-ups or run on the treadmill for a few more seconds—especially when you feel like giving up! Keep in mind to return the favour and motivate your friend during their workouts too! All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Two Person Exercises

Sit up pass! Reach-and-touch plank! Jump squats with clap! These are just a few of many “two-person exercises” that you and your friend can do together. Additionally, when friends work out together, exercise ideas become more creative! Work up a sweat and share the effort equally.

3. Accountability

If you set a plan to meet your friend at 7am on the weekend, you probably shouldn’t back out last minute! The commitment to your work out is just as valuable as your friend’s time. When you plan your workouts together, your fitness schedule stays on track too.

4. Avoid Injury

Working out with a friend means you have a spotter! Your friend can count reps, check your form and help you make adjustments before they become painful mistakes.

5. Have More Fun

At the end of the day, spending time with your friends at the gym is the perfect way to combine a healthy lifestyle in a social and engaging environment. Both of you can have fun, meet your fitness goals and spend quality time together.

Check out a few fitness and wellness programs offered by the City that will help you and your friend ease into a new routine.

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