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Praxis: Art from the Surrey Art Teachers Association

Enjoy paintings, photographs, and sculptures by local Surrey teachers!

Preoccupied with the education of tomorrow’s artists, art teachers rarely have the chance to exhibit their own work. Praxis: Art from the Surrey Art Teachers Association switches up the lesson plan and features eighteen local teachers showcasing their own artistic talent through a display of rarely seen paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures.

The artworks explore diverse themes, engaging with people, places, and current issues. Some works embody a fascination with the human form; some convey longing for specific places, home and abroad; and others are concerned for the welfare of the natural environment. Each artist demonstrates the reciprocal process of education: just as a child’s mind grows through education, so too can dedication to the betterment of others result in self-discovery and artistic development on the part of teachers. Through their myriad pursuits, the artists of Praxis demonstrate a lifelong commitment to their own learning and to the creative imagination.

Artists: Florence Carlsen, Christina Farrant, Russ Frampton, Laura Hackett, Karyn Johnson, Julia Kreutz, Katherine Manning, Dean Mitchell, Norma Nickel, Paul Pahal, Nicole Porter, Alex Reed, Joel Searcy, Clayton Stephens, Brian Tattam, Sofia Trujillo, Leanne Whynot

About Surrey Art Teachers Association

The Surrey Art Teachers Association (SATA) connects local art teachers and students in the pursuit of collegiality and excellence in visual arts instruction. As educators, they provide students with the tools to make connections with their curriculum and to learn about their world. Reflecting the demands of constantly changing educational paradigms, SATA members support each other through the sharing of resources, opportunities, knowledge, and ideas.

Image credit: Norma Nickel, Nicomekl Triptych (2018), photograph.