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Two youth sitting on the stairs.

Meet Your Surrey Youth: Street Dance Showcase Hosts

“Having this Street Dance Showcase will positively impact our youth by giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills and hard work. Having a large competition like this promotes personal growth as a dancer and boosts their confidence.” – Edmar, event organizer

Did you know that the City of Surrey is hosting its first outdoor street dance competition? Taking place at City Hall Plaza, you can expect battles, performances, prizes, food and refreshments. What started off as a dream for some youth in our free youth drop-ins has now become a reality. The event is on Friday, June 28 from 1:30–6:30pm. Register by visiting the Surrey Youth: Street Dance Showcase event page.

Meet your youth hosts who are emceeing the event: Yonis and Will! Both started off at Newton Recreation Centre where they were involved with youth programming. Now, they’re City of Surrey staff and are helping out with the Surrey Youth: Street Dance Showcase.

Meet Yonis

Surrey Youth Dance Series

Yonis has been dancing for the past four and a half years. He got his start in dance during high school through his friends, which led him to attend the youth dance drop-ins at Newton Recreation Centre. Through the drop-in program, he was able to meet many friends and Edmar—the head organizer for the event—who mentored him in dance. Yonis became more  involved with the City of Surrey and with all this experience, it ultimately landed him a youth staff position. Now, he’s able to teach others by being a dance instructor with the City of Surrey.

Over the years, Yonis credited dance as a positive influence on his personal growth. He struggled a lot with self-confidence and self-esteem when he was younger. Through dance, he was able to build that self-confidence and self-esteem up and be comfortable with his true self. Yonis encourages youth to pursue any passion that can have a positive impact on them – just like how dance has impacted him.

Meet Will

Surrey Youth Dance Series

Will has been dancing for over five and a half years with experience ranging from Breaking to Lyrical. Based in Panorama Ridge Secondary, he is getting the chance to give back to the community that raised him. He started off with the City of Surrey’s Youth Engagement Program at Newton Recreation Centre. He was part of the team that created Clash of Crews which is now an annual event. It was always the team’s goal to host a summer BBQ-style dance battle at Surrey Civic Plaza. Now the team is fulfilling that dream.

Will is encouraging those who are hesitant to join the dance community. Being part of the community, he cannot believe how welcoming and encouraging the team of dancers are. It gave him, and many other dancers, a sense of community and purpose. The confidence that he's gained through dance is helping him reach his dreams. “There’s nothing better than sharing those same opportunities with another,” Will said.

Exciting Things are Happening at Guildford Recreation Centre!

Psst—heads up! Guildford Recreation Centre is enhancing the dance space available to groups and is excited to reveal some changes coming later this year. Plans include a designated dance space with new flooring and a sound system. Stay tuned!

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