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Park Stewards School Program

girls planting a shrub

Connect your school with a local park through a combination of different in-class presentations, teacher training, stewardship activities, and teacher-led experiences.

In an effort to extend our reach, deepen student learning, and better meet the needs of our parks, we’re consolidating our school program offerings and proactively collaborating with whole school teams.

This program is for grades K-7.

Program Goals

  • Raise awareness of our urban forest and the value of our parks
  • Enhance wildlife habitat
  • Provide opportunities for project-based learning in our community
  • Increase students’ sense of belonging in parks
  • Support teachers with the implementation of BC’s new curriculum
  • Strengthen community partnerships

Students can

  • Pick up litter
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Plant native shrubs and trees
  • Build and maintain tree wells
  • Survey wildlife
  • Monitor water quality
  • Collaborate with community partners

Teacher Professional Development

We want to equip teachers to help their classes become stewards of our parks.

Email to learn more. Due to volume of requests, please allow us some time to get back to you. We appreciate your patience and interest in helping steward our urban forest.