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Relax and Unwind at City of Surrey Indoor Pools

People relaxing in the hot tub.

Warm up at Hot Tubs, Steam Rooms and Saunas

The fall weather naturally makes us want to stay indoors—but you can ‘feel the heat’ at our hot tubs, steam rooms and dry saunas in Surrey! Sounds refreshing, right? Our staff have listed some of the benefits of using these amenities. Best of all, relaxing in our hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas are affordable to use! Skip the spa and enjoy what’s at our indoor pools for the price of one drop-in admission.

Hot Tubs

According to the medical website, sitting in a hot tub for a period of time has a number of benefits, both physical and mental. Each of our indoor pools include a hot tub (and some have family hot tubs so your kids can join you too!) Relax your muscles after a work out or simply just relax after a long day by getting your feet wet at your local hot tub. Other benefits include: reducing stress, easing muscle pain, and improving circulation. Enjoy the hot tubs at Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex, Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre and Guildford Recreation Centre

Steam Rooms

Sit back and unwind at a steam room offered at one of our indoor pools. According to an article by Aston University, spending time in the steam room can help clear your skin, remove toxins from sweating and promote healthy blood flow. In addition, after working out, sitting in the steam room can be your best asset to your post-work out routine. The article states that "post exercise muscles are in desperate need of relaxation in order to promote quick and healthy recovery. When your muscles are relaxed this recovery process which is vital for muscle gains is expedited and your muscles grow more quickly." Visit the steam room at Newton Recreation Centre


Similar to hot tubs and steam rooms, saunas can provide you with the same benefits but the environment of a sauna offers a dry heat and this preference may be more desired. The heat may be administered through a wood stove or an infrared heater or even an electric heater. The sauna is relatively sealed to contain the heat. temperatures in a dry sauna usually are lower than a steam room. Try out two of the dry heat saunas at South Surrey Indoor Pool as well as North Surrey Indoor Pool

Other Pool Features

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