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Kathy Slade: This is a Chord. This is Another.

Kathy Slade: This is a Chord. This is Another. accompanies the artist's 2018 solo exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery. The text includes an overview of each work in the exhibition by curator Jordan Strom, an analysis of Slade's work in the context of music and art historical culture by artist and musician Brady Cranfield, and a discussion of the performative nature of Slade's work by Austrian writer Lina Morawetz. The catalogue features high resolution installation views and images of each artwork in the exhibition, along with beautiful typesetting and design by The Future.

Download the Kathy Slade: This is a Chord. This is Another. catalogue.

Physical copies of the work are available to order from the Surrey Art Gallery.

Catalogue: 98 pages, full colour

$25 + applicable taxes and shipping

ISBN 978-1-926573-52-6 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-926573-53-3 (digital)