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Triangle Trade: Camille Turner, Jérôme Havre, and Cauleen Smith

A short film that examines specific relationships between black identity, land, and belonging.

The puppets live on a faraway, nocturnal island and resemble the collaborating artists who worked on the film. As they move through this shifting dream environment, the figures contemplate their relationships to land and belonging.

At times, the rugged landscape isolates them, while at other times, it offers them the possibility of transformation and greater connection. The characters’ words reflect on being black in North America today and offer a hopeful view of what it could be like in the future. Turner’s performance art, Havre’s puppetry, and Smith’s filmmaking come together in a visually entrancing way with a poignant story that speaks to our current cultural climate.

Celebrate the launch of this exhibit at our opening reception Saturday, January 19 and hear Turner and Havre reflect on the project at an artists' panel on Saturday, February 16.

Image credit: Camille Turner, Jérôme Havre, and Cauleen Smith, Triangle Trade, 2017, film still. Photo by Alyssa Bistonath.