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Steve DiPaola: Pareidolia

See a psychedelically inspired digital portrait of Surrey Art Gallery’s physical space.

Steve DiPaola’s generative art uses pattern recognition software to reconfigure the world around us. His synesthetic compositions call to mind a dreamlike reality. Aping the process of pareidolia—the detection of patterns in an environment where there are none—he blends found images and patterns from the natural environment and art history with recorded footage of people and places. Nothing is quite as it seems. Displayed on the video wall in our lobby, DiPaola’s work juxtaposes footage of the nearby space with gallery patrons and staff, creating a space in which each is absorbed into the other.

About the Artist

Steve DiPaola, working as a scientist and artist, uses computational models of creativity, cognition, and artificial intelligence to create generative and interactive art installations. He explores the uneasy interplay between what it means for humans to perceive and emote in a modern computer era. DiPaola’s art has been exhibited internationally at the A.I.R. and Tibor de Nagy galleries in NYC, Tenderpixel and LimeWharf galleries in London, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the MIT Museum, Cambridge University’s King’s Art Centre, and the Smithsonian.

Image credit: Steve DiPaola, still from Pareidolia, 2019, 2-channel digital video.