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10 Ways to up Your Personal Development Game

Personal development, development courses

It'a a Great Time to Try Something New!


Many of us want to develop our skills in new ways. Whether it be fitness, music, arts or general interest, the City of Surrey has a program designed for your development.


Personal development is a great way to stay healthy, engaged and active in the community.


Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or perhaps, expand your knowledge of pottery or painting? Maybe you want to become an expert photographer to capture life’s most beautiful moments? Whatever it may be, this is your year.

Our Top 10 Personal Development Courses

  1. Photography
  2. Ballroom Dance
  3. Yoga at the Museum
  4. Creative Painting
  5. Basic Japanese
  6. Conversational Spanish
  7. CPR C
  8. Dance for all Levels
  9. Pottery for all Levels
  10. Cooking

With these 10 suggestions in mind, you will be off to a very exciting and rewarding 2019. To learn more about other personal development opportunities see the Surrey Recreation Guide for a full listing.


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