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Jump Two Feet Into a Career in Lifeguarding

Have you ever thought about becoming a lifeguard/swim instructor?

If you like to make a positive impact in your community and enjoy being in the water, becoming a lifeguard/swim instructor can be a great start to a lifelong career and a chance to work on a great team, while developing key life skills.

As candidates learn to develop skills within water safety and first-aid, a sense of confidence is instilled within each one of them. This confidence helps to carry the team and individuals through life, in the water, and on the pool deck.

At the City of Surrey all candidates are hired as lifeguards and swim instructors. This two-part position is a rewarding opportunity to not only prevent accidents in the pool but also teach life skills to the community.

Becoming a swimming instructor is much more than giving students a workout. It’s a gratifying, emotional journey. Ask anyone hired as a lifeguard/swimming instructor about a memorable experience on the job, and they will tell you a story of someone who was impacted by their teaching. Whether it’s an adult in a beginner swimming lesson who dreamed of snorkeling on their upcoming vacation, or a 5 year old child who has for the first time been able to enjoy swimming day with their class at school. A career as a swimming instructor is fun, active and sprinkled with daily inspiration.

Top 10 reasons to become a lifeguard/swim instructor:

  1. Save lives
  2. Positively impact the community
  3. Learn how to take action in stressful situations
  4. Be part of an amazing team
  5. Learn and practice useful first-aid skills
  6. Earn a great hourly wage
  7. Stay active at work
  8. Gain/develop self-confidence
  9. Enjoy a flexible schedule
  10. Develop leadership skills

There is training involved in becoming a lifeguard/swim instructor. Candidates will need to complete a series of courses including the National Lifeguard and Water Safety award to be considered.

Lifeguard/swim instructor positions and volunteer opportunities are in demand throughout the City of Surrey. Apply today!

To learn more about lifeguard/swim instructor positions attend a free information session. Registration is required.

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