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Ain't True & Uncle False

Paul Strickland. Photo by Kristen Wheeler

Ain't True & Uncle False

Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall , 13450 104 Ave

Date & Time:
March 20, 2020 at 8pm

Box Office



Zone A: $30, Zone B: $20 (Reserved)

Paul Strickland

Directed by Erika Kate MacDonald

STEP RIGHT UP! The first in the trilogy of Paul Strickland's Magical Realist Trailer-Park Plays, this inventive tale introduces you to the Big Fib Trailer Park cul-de-sac and a few of its most important and colourful inhabitants. Through his pitch perfect storytelling and verbal acrobatics (oh boy, can this man spin a yarn), we're transported to a magical place where common sense may be in short supply, but wisdom abounds.

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"A first-rate revivalist of the tall-tale tradition, an expert raconteur who spins hilariously entertaining stories about's an eloquently told, song-spiced piece of magical realism, rural American style."— Ron Hubbard, Pioneer Press

“One of the finest shows you’ll ever see.”—Colin Thomas

"We’ve been trying for two years to bring this witty storyteller here and can’t wait to share him with you. Paul Strickland and the world he's created are delightful."—Christina Campbell & Neil Scott, City of Surrey Performing Arts Programmers

1 hour 25 minutes including intermission

Audience Advisory

Contains mature themes and strong language.

About the Series

This show is part of the Comedy Series. Overworked and underlaughed? These are the shows for you! There are 4 shows in the series. Zone A: $109, Zone B: 89, Zone C: $81 Available until Jan 9, 2020