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Crescent Beach Pop-up Gallery

entrance to beecher place

Crescent Beach Pop-up Gallery

Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher St

Various times



South Surrey


Photograph by Scarlet Black

Located on the main floor of Beecher Place at 12160 Beecher Street, the Crescent Beach Pop-up Gallery features a range of community-led art activities, including exhibitions, workshops and community art projects.

Enjoy a variety of artworks until December.

Exhibition Schedule

AgentC Projects: indingenous artists only

October 18 – 28
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00-5:00pm
Opening Event: October 19  7:00-9:00pm

indingenous artists only is a tongue-in-cheek contemporary art exhibition presented by emerging indigenous artists whose art practices explore challenging issues through photography and ceramics, painting, performance and installation. Inside and outside the institution, language has the power to validate and invalidate our status as people, as Nations and as creators.

More than a spelling mistake, indingenous artists only is curated by Alanna Edwards and features works by Lacie Burning, Whess Harman, Atheana Picha and Kelsey Sparrow that harness the power of humor, pop culture, and de/construction to address how our identities are not only arbitrarily forced upon ourselves by outsiders, but are in chronic negotiation between ourselves, our peers, and our audiences as artists.

indingenous artists only is presented by AgentC Projects, a Surrey-based curatorial collective dedicated to providing opportunities to showcase critical, rigorous artworks in temporary spaces.


October 30 – November 12
Hours: TBA

An exhibition of in a variety of media by artists Laurie Gray, Radina Droumeva, Megan Bennett, Sarah Hedin and Ali Margulius exploring the theme of identity and how our artistic voices change and develop as our lives change. The exhibition will explore external and internal identity and the disconnect that can happen between how we see ourselves and how the world sees us.

Brass Band Art Group: Natural Abstraction

November 14 – 24
Hours: TBA

Natural Abstraction will feature work in a variety of media by collective members Cheryl Dick, Susan Howe, Sue Klapwijk, Kathy Neudorf, Pat Savage and Linda Steele. The exhibition will also feature a collaborative community art project.

Christmas Pottery Market at the Beach

November 28 – December 9
10:00am-4:00pm daily

Featuring work by Semiahmoo Potters Society & the Fraser Valley Potters Guild, including Christmas décor and hand-crafted ceramic pieces.