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Recreation Facility Rentals Q&A

On November 19, 2019 we launched a new user-friendly online registration system for Parks, Recreation & Culture programs. If you are interested in booking a facility rental space or already booked one, read the Q&A below to get a better understanding of the new system. You can also call 604-501-5100 if you have more questions. 

I booked my rental prior to November 19. Do I need to rebook?

No. All facility rentals will be transferred over to the new system.

After November 19, can I book my facility rental online using the new registration system?

No. To make a facility rental booking, fill out the Booking Request Form for the facility you wish to use. Once completed, save the form and email it to A staff member will call you within 3 to 5 business days.

How do I electronically sign the rental agreement from my personal computer or phone?

  • The Facility Use Permit will be sent to you via email. 
  • Once you’ve opened the email, click Review and Sign Document.
  • Sign the permit using your mouse or touch screen.
  • Click submit and the system automatically sends the permit back to us and saves it on your profile.

What if I don't want to sign the Facility Use Permit Electronically?

Rental customers may visit the facility and sign the Facility Use Permit in person.

How can I pay for my rental booking?

  1. Pay for the booking online using a credit card.
  2. Set up automated payment(s) using Electronic Funds Transfer.
  3. In person using cash or debit.