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CANCELLED: When the Smoke Clears

Artwork by the Diversified Brush

CANCELLED: When the Smoke Clears

This event has been cancelled due to global concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. All events organized by the City of Surrey that host more than 50 people have been cancelled until further notice.

Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher St

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Ground Floor


Arts Community Hosted

South Surrey


Presented by:

The Diversified Brush

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Image credit: artwork by the Diversified Brush, including Melissa Burgher, Joanne Dennis, Yvette Lauer, and Carla Maskall

This exhibition is presented by The Diversified Brush. Visit Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery to see other community-led exhibitions.

When the Smoke Clears, “Interpretations on Normal” is a visual art exploration of Surrey from 4 unique artistic perspectives. This exhibit helps build bridges with one another and expands the notion of what normal means within neighborhoods. The Diversified Brush are 4 artists working in various mediums to showcase the Surrey that they see and experience everyday. This exhibit fosters conversation and debate on personal viewpoints on Surrey and its place in community.

Melissa Burgher – Symbolic representation of local stories and the environment.
Joanne Dennis – Expressionist landscapes of Surrey’s 44 parks.
Yvette Lauer – Street art style incorporating abstraction to link a divergent world.
Carla Maskall – Plein air paintings that show passion for nature and spending time outdoors.

Exhibition Open April 1-12

Crescent Beach Pop-Up Gallery
Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm

Grand Opening + Artist Talk

Friday, April 3, 6-8pm
Feature an artist talk with the Diversified Brush group on the topic of "What is Normal?"

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