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Arctic Voices

A peek at the upcoming blockbuster exhibit, highlighting the fragile and amazing Arctic.

Explore the impact of the changing climate in the Arctic through the lenses of land, sea and ice.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibit. We are all connected to the Arctic. Discover the remarkable animals that live there, the resilient people that inhabit this region and the dedicated scientists revealing what makes this place so unique. Arctic Voices provides visitors with the context to explore, and ultimately be inspired to protect this fragile region.

Suitable for visitors of all ages, the exhibit will be an immersive digital experience with many hands-on activities. Expect to:

• Crawl beneath the ice
• Be immersed in the Whale Theater
• Engage with multiplayer quizzes
• Compare your own abilities to Arctic animals
• Explore a polar bear’s den
• Try to simulate throat singing

We are all connected. This exhibit will remind people about our role in protecting the planet, connecting to the City of Surrey Sustainability Charter.

Arctic Voices Is Co-Produced By