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Surrey’s Youth are Stepping Up

Surrey’s Youth are Changing the Game

Since 2015, Surrey Steps Up has been showcasing the positive impact that youth have on the city. Whether it’s through good deeds, community projects, or sharing their art, many youth groups and individuals have been transforming our schools and communities with their passion, compassion and courage.

At last year’s showcase, we celebrated over 30 participants who are making an impact in Surrey through the movement of positivity. This year, we are calling for even more inspiring youth to step up and showcase your work at this year’s event happening March 6 from 6pm to 9pm at Surrey City Hall.

Register online by Sunday, February 23 to show how you are making a difference and being a game-changer in your community. Engage attendees with an activity, performance, presentation or by sharing your creativity.

Do you simply want to come as a spectator to see all the great work our youth are doing in the community? Attend the showcase for free and enjoy music and entertainment, a dance jam, collaborative art-making, interactive activities, door prizes and food!

Past Participants

Open City Events

Open City Events is an event planning co-operative consisting of youth who are promoting good in the community by shedding light on various humanitarian issues occurring around the world. Driven by passion and morals, Open City Events demonstrates the importance of young voices are being heard in societal issues.  Their work leads the way for change by creating an empowering path for youth who may be at-risk and contributing positively towards a city that is fairer and more open. Open City Events is part of Solid State Industries, an organization that addresses the narratives around refugee and newcomer youth by building workers’ co-operatives.

Hephaestus 6390

Hephaestus 6390 is a robotics team that was created in 2016 and is part of a larger organization called FIRST Robotics. The team competes internationally in world championships and regional events, including school district conferences, sponsor events, and Surrey Steps Up. Members host inclusive workshops that target a diverse audience such as elementary students, international students, and students with disabilities, to inspire them to explore science and technology while growing their self-confidence, knowledge and skills.

Holly Elementary Senior Dance Team

Holly’s Senior Dance Team is made up of a dedicated group of students from grades 5–7 who use dance as a means to express themselves and explore real life issues, such as bullying, friendships and mental illness, through a variety of dance styles such as hip hop, Bollywood, musical theatre, contemporary and everything else in between. Demonstrating a commitment to working toward their goals and connecting with community, the team—which mentors the junior dance team—uses dance to teach, empower and entertain.

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