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Fitness Videos

City of Surrey Recreation Centres, Ice Arenas, Culture Facilities, Surrey Nature Centre, Community Rooms, Pools and Libraries are closed until further notice to minimize risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. 

Refunds or credit will be provided. Request your refund or credit by calling 604-501-5100 during business hours on Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5:30pm, and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Recreation Surrey is pleased to offer new online fitness classes, to keep your body moving while you spend time at home! Before participating in these classes we encourage you to take the online ParQ+ fitness assessment. It is the physical activity readiness questionnaire. Please complete this form at least once a year to ensure that you are prepared for physical activity, and please modify any of these online fitness classes to meet your own personal fitness levels, drink lots of water, have fun and stay safe! 

Fit 55+

Fit 55+ is specifically modified for seniors who want to keep active at home. Participate in a low-impact cardio exercise and enjoy a chair workout too. Equipment required: chair, resistance band and light weights. 

Video length: 60 minutes.


Practice various yoga poses and work on your core strength and flexibility.  Yoga is the perfect activity for all ages to do. A yoga mat is the only equipment required. 

Video length: 30 minutes.

Body Sculpt

Get a full body workout and challenge yourself! Use weights (or a weight-alternative) for your sessions and make sure you have water close by. 

Video length: 30 minutes.

Boot Camp

Work up a sweat and enjoy a body weight exercise! Two levels are provided so participants can choose if they want to follow a modified version. Equipment required: weights (or a weight-alternative), a chair and a mat. 

Video length: 45 minutes.

Chair Exercise 55+

Designed for seniors, this class includes a warm up, muscle strengthening exercises, stretches and a cool down session - all from the seat of your chair! Make sure you have water close by and modify according to your ability. Equipment required: chair, resistance bands, weights (or a weight alternative), yoga block (or yoga block aternative) and a ball. 

Video length: 45 minutes.

Hi-Lo Dance Exercise 

Turn up your speakers, move to the beat of the music and dance to a hi-lo exercise class! No equipment necessary. All ages welcome to participate. 

Video length: 30 minutes.

Stay tuned for more at-home fitness videos!

We'll be providing a variety of fitness videos so you can enjoy a workout from home while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All videos require minimal fitness equipment and are suited for all ages.