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Things to do at Home with Kids (While Schools are Closed)

Things to do at Home with Kids

Since classes at all K–12 schools in BC are suspended until further notice, lots of parents are scrambling to find ideas to do with their kids. Here are some low-cost, low-set-up options to keep your kids engaged and active during this time.

  1. Create a schedule
    It is very important to maintain your child’s routine as it sets clear expectations for the day. Chart a calendar with specific times for reading, chores, mealtime and playtime. Make it a fun, creative activity to enjoy in the morning. Here are some printable templates to get you started. 
  2. Try new crafts and activities
    Engage in some new DIY activities with your kids. Instead of screen time, set the kids up with Play-Doh, art supplies, Lego, or puzzles. Hashtags like #kidsactivities #playbasedlearning and #homeschoolpreschool turn up quick and dirty crafts and activities.
  3. Do household chores together
    You can do several activities at home with your kids to facilitate their curiosity with household chores. Get them to wash the vegetable and spell their names or give them a dry marker to solve a math problem on the window and then help clean up. This is an excellent time to talk to them about waste management as well. Play Our Rethink Waste Sorting Game to facilitate learning.
  4. Learn about nature
    If you have access to personal outdoor space, let the kids out running and burn off their excess energy. You can also enjoy nature while sitting at home through the app. Create a free account, observe entries from users and learn about Surrey’s biodiversity. 
  5. Get experimenting
    Involve your kids with day to day learning activities. Ask them the average number of windows in each room or apartment or do a lava-lamp experiment at home. These activities help boost innovation and resourcefulness. You can also get some digital learning resources from Surrey Schools website. 
  6. Make the most of online videos and ebooks
    Surrey Libraries has a wealth of online resources like weekly storytimes, kid’s movies, TV series, math, language and other learning content. Get in-depth video lectures on a wide variety of topics at Kanpoy Great Courses. You can browse more than 50,000 free archival photos and documents with Surrey's online heritage toolsThere is something for all age groups.
  7. Entertain with a dance party  
    Log on to a virtual dance party and get grooving. This is a fun way to let out some steam and learn a new skill at the same time. 
  8. Keep in touch with school friends
    FaceTiming, texting, gaming and social media can help keep kids stay connected to their closest friends. Assign a time of the day when they can enjoy social time.
  9. Enjoy family time
    Set aside a time to talk as a family about how everyone is feeling and coping with the current situation. FaceTime with grandparents and show them the new work your kids have done. This will help deal with anxieties and negative thoughts. Encourage your children to journal their feelings in this uncertain time.
  10. Get organizing
    Create a living space that the entire family can enjoy. This means picking up the Lego pieces and gathering all the scattered books around the house. Assign kids tasks which they will enjoy and encourage them to think about what they can fix next.

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