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Art in Motion

Ceramic artist Claire Moore prepares salt dough sculptures for Art in Motion

Just like us, art is in constant motion and evolves in response to new situations. More than what we see or create, it is what we experience and feel and how we connect to one another.

Follow #ArtInMotion to be inspired by artists and educators South of the Fraser and beyond to create art at home! Try out our video-based lessons in a range of mediums, as well as our phone and live event activites, and learning guides. New art lessons and activities will be available weekly on this page and Surrey Art Gallery's YouTube channel.

Art Lessons

Creating collage with Jinsil Haveliwalla

Creating collage with Jinsil Haveliwalla

With your imagination, create a collage and experiment with different techniques using visually textured paper.

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Creating visual texture with Jinsil Haveliwalla

Creating visual texture with Jinsil Haveliwalla

Use materials from around the house, such as printer paper, markers, water, and paint, to create amazing visual texture with artist Jinsil Haveliwalla.

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Illustrated Guide to Clay - Amelia Butcher

Illustrated Guide to Clay with Amelia Butcher

Learn the basics of clay sculpture in this fun, colourful guide from Surrey Art Gallery ceramics instructor Amelia Butcher! 

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Inventing Colours with April Davis

Inventing Colours with April Davis

Create an accordion book with colours that you invent with April Davis! Using paint and your imagination, learn to mix a range of pigments for your own special book. See Sarindar Dhaliwal's sketchbook page for When I grow up I want to be the namer of colours, 2010, photo by Toni Hafkenscheid.

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How to Photograph your Artwork with Jannette Maedel

How to Photograph Your Artwork with Jannette Maedel

Join artist Jannette Maedel for a beginners' tutorial on how to photograph your artwork, to share online or transform into a print. Topics covered include lighting, camera settings, editing, and more.

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Drawing with Basic Shapes with Jennifer Clark

Draw with Jennifer Clark

Think drawing is too hard? Think again! A big part of drawing is looking, and then looking closely again. Join local artist Jennifer Clark to draw the world around you by seeing it as basic shapes, such as squares, circles, and ovals.  

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Printmaking with April Davis

Print with April Davis

Inspired by the works of Susan Point, use recycled foam packaging and materials from home to create circular prints referencing the spindle whorl with April Davis! Susan Point: Spindle Whorl opened at the Gallery this winter. Learn more with our "at home" guide with art activities and resources.

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Salt dough sculptures

Salt Dough Sculpture with Claire Moore

Create fantastical salt dough sculptures at home with Claire Moore! These forms are inspired by the Gallery's exhibitions Passages (2020) with ceramic artworks by local artists Ying-Yueh Chuang and Don Hutchinson, and Counting the Steps of the Sun (2020) with paintings by local artist Don Li-Leger.

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Sandeep Johal

Draw with Sandeep Johal

Spark your imagination with artist Sandeep Johal as she guides you through an “exquisite corpse” drawing activity! This can be done with materials from home at the kitchen table and with your family. In the 1920s this drawing game was made popular by artists associated with Surrealism such as André Breton, Marcel Duchamp and Frida Kahlo.

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Art Lessons Coming Soon

  • Chalk pastels with Claire Moore
  • Experimenting with clay types with Amelia Butcher
  • Colour blending with Alexandra Thompson
  • Bookbinding with Gloria Han 
  • And more with Karen Cancino, Roxanne Charles, Ying-Yueh Chuang, Katina Giesbrecht, Alia Hijaab, Sarah Leigh, my name is Scot, Julia Song, Josh Neu, Atheana Picha, Mark Soo, and Kelsey Sparrow.

Phone and Live Event Seniors Programs

The Gallery has partnered with Seniors Come Share Society and their Seniors’ Centre Without Walls initiative for an ongoing, free, and interactive phone-based program for those age 55 plus. Dial in on Mondays at 10:30am for “We Are All Artists: Creative Practices at Home” to experiment with a variety of artmaking techniques like contour line drawing, collage, crosshatching, and more with local artist educators Alanna Edwards and Claire Moore. Register at 604 531 9400 ext. 205 or

Join Alanna Edwards and Claire Moore at 10:30am on Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3, as part of Seniors Week for online live art lessons. Create your own collaged window landscape using materials found at home. Have paper, a recycled magazine or newspaper, pencil or pen, scissors, and glue ready for this session. No registration required. Visit our Facebook Event for details.

Calling All Artists and Art Lovers!

ARTS 2020 goes online as well! The annual ARTS open juried exhibition is a beloved highlight in Surrey’s calendar of cultural events. For the 36th edition, applicants are to submit images of their work to the Arts Council of Surrey at by June 5 at 5pm. Jurors will review these images and select a final grouping of artworks to be displayed on the Arts Council of Surrey’s website from June 27 to August 29. As with every year, award winners for each category will be chosen from among the selections, and will be recognized online. We look forward to continuing to celebrate the vibrancy and talent of Surrey’s artists! For more information about how to apply, visit the Arts Council of Surrey website

Competitive Paint Off was online from May 10 to 16! The Surrey Art Gallery Association launched an online version of their popular mixed media painting event, with local artists producing work at home over a week. Supplies were delivered, and artists are posting their progress photos and videos on Surrey Art Gallery Association’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Visit the Surrey Art Gallery Association webpage for more information on this event and more upcoming Paint Offs.

Gallery Exhibition Guides: At-Home Activities to Enhance Learning

Did you know Surrey Art Gallery has over 30 Guides available for past exhibitions online? Each includes exhibition-inspired activities, images, and additional resources that can be viewed on screen or printed and are great for home learning. With your family, try our new “at home” Guides for Susan Point: Spindle Whorl and Don Li-Leger: Counting the Steps of the Sun.