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Zanani Zamana Zameen

Zanani Zamana Zameen

Zanani Zamana Zameen

Surrey Art Gallery, 13750 88 Avenue

Note: this is an online event. Visitors must register in advance through Eventbrite. Registration is free. 

Date & Time:
July 4, 2020
Noon - 1:00 PM


Arts Community Hosted Festivals


Presented by:

Indian Summer Festival in partnership with Surrey Art Gallery

Indian Summer Festival

2020-07-04 12:00:00 2020-07-04 13:00:00 America/Vancouver Zanani Zamana Zameen Join Surrey Art Gallery and Indian Summer Festival for a talk on place, society, and the feminine. Surrey Art Gallery, 13750 88 Avenue

Zanani / Zamana / Zameen – Feminist thinking, society, and place

Zanani (za-na-ni): the feminine
Zamana (za-ma-na): time, age, period
Zameen (za-meen): place, ground, land

Join writer Shauna Singh Baldwin, filmmaker Baljit Sangra, and visual artist Sandeep Johal for an in-depth discussion moderated by Suvi Bains on how place and society affect how we imagine the feminine. The speakers reflect on the clash of tradition and modernity within the context of patriarchy and gender inequality and share how their work creates space for South Asian voices. Hear their perspectives on cultural identity, storytelling, and place in South Asian culture, and how these themes inform their artistic practice. The talk will be followed by a virtual Q&A session with the audience.

Usually, as part of Indian Summer Festival’s Tiffin Talks lunchtime ideas series, we provide a tiffin meal to accompany the conversation. Food, and ideas, and coming together are at the core of this experience. Given the pandemic and virtual aspect of this reimagined event, we now invite you to make your own lunch or place a booking through our long time partners Ms Tiffin (Vancouver) or Samosa House (Surrey) or your favourite local spot. In this way, we can still share a meal together – even if from afar.

Please pre-register for this event through Eventbrite. All registrants will be able to watch it on Indian Summer Festival's Facebook page or YouTube channel. Attendance is free.

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This event will be live-captioned on all platforms. 

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