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Hockey Leagues in Surrey

Join one of Surrey's Hockey Leagues, on one of our children's, co-ed adult, men's or high school teams. Hockey leagues run for kids starting at 6 years old, high school students from grades 8 to 12, and for adults aged 19 and up. Games and schedules for each team are different. Make sure to check out our playoff schedules.

Powerplay Hockey Fun League

Join our year-round recreational, non-contact, co-ed hockey league at your neighbourhood arena. Games take place the same day, once a week. No practice times scheduled.

Leagues for Ages 6 to 9 and 10 to 13 (Spring 13 to 16)

  • Age 6 to 9 years, 4 teams = 60 participants (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Age 10 to 12 years, 6 teams = 90 participants (Fall and Winter; 4 teams for Spring and Summer = 60 participants)
  • Age 13 to 16 years, 4 teams = 60 participants (Spring session only)
  • Weekly MVP prizes for all teams

Coaches, scorekeepers and referees are included with fees. Individual registration is required.

You must bring full gear. If you are a parent, review the parent handout.

Adult Hockey League

Hockey North America (HNA) motto is "Safe Hockey For Intelligent Adults" We are looking for teams and individuals who are wanting to play adult safe hockey. We take pride in the companionship among teammates, enjoyable exercise and playing the sport we love. We stress safety and sportsmanship before anything else.

HNA offers one of the safest and most rewarding hockey experiences.  Learn more on HNA season details, Beginner Program, Pricing and Schedules.

Please visit us at Hockey North America Vancouver or visit the Hockey North America Vancouver Facebook page and HNAT Team Canada Facebook page.

To register a team or individual, fill out the HNA Registration

If you have questions, contact Steven King at or 604-897-1643.

High School Ball Hockey League

Surrey Arenas is proud to be part of the BC High School Ball Hockey League.

BC High School Ball Hockey League was established in 2011. High School Ball Hockey in BC is the province's school system-based organization that's implementing the sport of ball hockey as an after school program.

Surrey High School Hockey League

Surrey High School Hockey is a no contact hockey league available to registered high school students. The league runs from October to March. Students wishing to participate, should contact their Surrey high school directly. Read the High School Constitution. Each school determines practice sessions and pays all fees.