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Criteria for Hosting a Special Event

All events are subject to Special Events Bylaw No. 14731

As well, if your event is occurring in a park space, the organizer will be subject to Parks Bylaw No. 13480

The primary characteristics of a Special Event include:

  • Are open to all members of the public 
  • Inclusive in the design, promotion and delivery of the event 
  • The main purpose is the celebration or display of a specific theme 
  • May take place once a year or infrequently 
  • Have pre-determined opening and closing dates/times 
  • May pose a level of risk not normally expected with the use of the property (which must be mitigated through certain processes)

When filling out the application form please consider the following:

  • All cost recoveries to the city, including RCMP presence if required, must be 100% in advance of your event date 
  • Your event may require temporary tentand electrical  permits
  • If you are serving food or providing concession at your event you will require Temporary Food permits from the Fraser Health Authority.
  • The City of Surrey requires that the special event applicant and permit holder must maintain a minimum $5,000,000 public liability insurance naming the City of Surrey as an “additional insured party”
  • The applicant must sign a form agreeing to indemnify and hold the City of Surrey harmless from and against any liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, occasioned wholly or in part by any negligence or acts of omissions related to the Special Event.

Please note: upon receipt of a permit to hold your event, the organizer will receive further guidelines and requirements specific to your event. This may include, but not limited to, the need for:

  • tent permits 
  • electrical permits 
  • notification to residents of your event 
  • signage and banner placement approvals 
  • specifics regarding the City of Surrey’s Sponsorship and Advertising Policies 
  • recycling and garbage removal
  • Consideration of alternative methods of transportation for the public travelling to and from the event