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Outdoor Facility Allocation and Management Policy

To minimize the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission, all playing fields in the City are closed for organized sports. Provincial sport organizations like BC Soccer, BC Football, BC Baseball, BC Softball and BC Cricket have suspended all play.

Casual use of sports fields and open green space in our parks can take place within the parameters of social distancing.

The intent of Surrey's Outdoor Facility Allocation and Management Policy is to establish guidelines for the allocation and management of Surrey's outdoor athletic facilities, which are managed by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. This policy does not cover indoor facilities such as arenas and swimming pools.

Key Points

The following is a summary of some points discussed in the policy:

  • The City will strive to ensure fair access to outdoor athletic sports fields, regardless of age, gender, race, physical ability or economic status.
  • Flexibility is required in order to better meet the needs of “growing” and/or “new” sports associations and leagues.
  • Facility use is subject to the terms and conditions found: on the “Facility Use Permit"; in the Surrey Parks, Recreation and Cultural Facilities Regulation By‑law No. 13480, and; in Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture Department Policies and Procedures.
  • Teams that belong to an association, league or larger sport governing body must apply through their league, rather than as an individual team. Teams not belonging to a league will be encouraged to amalgamate with an association or league.
  • When an association is found to have played on a field that is officially closed; subleased a field without permission; or played on a field not permitted to their association, they could then forfeit the right to play on a Surrey field for the remainder of their season. (Tournament and playoffs included). In addition, any repair costs to the field associated with the infraction will be levied against the offending club(s).
  • In the event that a user group cancels a booking for which user fees have been levied, a full refund/credit will be granted provided the Department is able to resell the said allocation with no loss of revenue. The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department reserves the right to cancel any time for the purpose of repairs to the sports field or structures located within the park, for Department events as required, or for any other reasonable circumstances. In the event of such cancellation, the affected groups will be provided as much notice as possible.