Candidate for Office of School Trustee

Surrey, I commit to you, my continued and relentless advocacy for the students in our Surrey schools.

Communication is key to good governance. I have established relationships with families, educators, staff, community leaders, and all levels of government. It’s time to listen to all stakeholders to ensure all students get what they need; we need student-centered decision making to be a focus.

As an educator in post-secondary, I know the importance of a great educational foundation.

As an engaged community member, I hear the concerns and I know the risks to our children if we continue down this same path.

We need change that will ensure students feel safe and supported in our schools and classrooms.

We need new voices on our School Board.
Voices that will strongly advocate for change.
It’s time to show our children they matter.
For School Trustee, vote Cindy Dalglish of Surrey Students NOW.

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