Candidate for Office of Mayor

Doug McCallum is running for mayor of Surrey. He's the leader of the Safe Surrey Coalition. As Surrey's mayor from 1996 to 2005 McCallum left the city in a solid financial position with a $300 Million Dollar surplus.

McCallum has consistently heard the residents of Surrey call for SkyTrain instead of Light Rail Transit (LRT). A strong majority want the street level LRT to be scrapped in favour of SkyTrain along the Fraser Highway to Langley complemented by rapid bus lines.

Doug has also heard Surrey residents call for stronger action against gang and gun crimes. He's proposing the creation of a Surrey Police Force. A local police force will understand the community better and will be more motivated to tackle problems.

McCallum also promises to pause development and create smart development guidelines. This means working with residents and hearing what they want. Infrastructure needs to keep up with growth.

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