Elector Organization Endorsement Package

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Elector organizations are organizations that endorse or intend to endorse a candidate(s) in a Municipal Election. Subject to the restrictions set out in legislation, an elector organization has its name, abbreviation or acronym shown on the ballot beside its endorsed candidate's name. Learn more about elector organizations.

To be eligible to endorse a candidate, an elector organization must meet the requirements of Part 3, Division 7 of the Local Government Act and have a membership of at least 50 electors of the municipality for which the election is taking place. The organization must also not be disqualified from endorsing a candidate under the Local Government Act, Local Elections Campaign Financing Act or any other Act. Please ensure members are on the Provincial Voters List with Elections BC, by using the Am I Registered tool.

To endorse a candidate, or a slate of candidates, an elector organization must authorize a director or other official to make the solemn declaration(s) of endorsement. Please find required forms and detailed information relating to Elector Organizations from Elections BC.

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