Candidate for Office of Councillor

GreenVote council candidate Roslyn Cassells is a strong voice for nature and social justice. The local English Second Language teacher was first elected to Vancouver Park Board, becoming Canada’s first elected Green. She’s a staunch advocate for homeless people and social housing, renters, transit users, wild life and companion animals…an LGBT and First Nations ally.

In 2018 Cassells took the City of Surrey to BC Supreme Court, challenging plans to build a road through 17 endangered species’ habitats in Hawthorne Park and drain a 5,000 year old bog. Shortly after she started a grassroots campaign against mandatory Btk spraying in North Surrey, then developed a Peafowl Coexistence Plan for the Sullivan Heights Community, and advocated for underpasses and temporary road closures for the endangered Western Toad in South Surrey.

Best practices throughout Surrey, No Net Loss of Greenspace, spay-neuter programs, & free community events!

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