The farm in fall

Drop-in for a free coffee and conversation!

Date & Time

February 8, 20239:30am - 11:30am Add to calendar
February 22, 20239:30am - 11:30am Add to calendar
March 7, 20239:30am - 11:30am Add to calendar


13723 Crescent Road, Surrey

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Chat Over Coffee

Bring friends (or meet new ones) and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you play cards or board games or do a puzzle. A great way to relax before or after a walk through the nature trails of Elgin Heritage Park. Feel free to drop-in!

Coffee Break takes place every second Wednesday morning with upcoming dates on:

  • February 8
  • February 22
  • March 7

Wednesdays Covered!

On alternating Wednesday mornings, History Talks will take place in Stewart Hall. Drop in to learn about local history for free.