Prepare to be dazzled by this delightful and lively concert!

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April 13, 20232:00pm - 3:30pm Add to calendar


Studio Theatre at Surrey Arts Centre, 13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3L1

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Cellist Anne Janelle and her Ukulele virtuoso husband, James Hill join the Bergmann Duo for a cross-collaboration and innovative programme including works from the classical, folk, and contemporary repertoire. The performance will include some original works that will bring an interesting twist and flavour to this unique combination of instruments—guaranteed to be a lively way to round out the coffee concert series!

About the Bergmann Duo

Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann have been performing together as a duo since 1989, and their dynamic and energetic performances of uniquely eclectic programs have inspired audiences for more than two decades. The duo, who are laureates of the Dranoff International Two Piano Competition, perform a wide variety of repertoire and styles, and enjoy dazzling audiences around the world at festivals and on tour. Their recitals and concerts with orchestras have taken them all over the world, including the United States, Italy, Germany, Holland, Greece, and Canada. 

About Anne Janelle and James Hill

Four strings and a favourite chocolate bar: that's all James Hill – “possibly the best ukulele player in the world” (Waikato Times) – and Anne Janelle – “a cellist of true beauty” (Ottawa Citizen) – had in common when they first met. It was more than enough. Today, they're an award-winning, singer-songwriter-ukulele-cello duo.

It’s true: opposites attract. James grew up playing folk, jazz, and blues on his ukulele while Anne was exclusively a classical cellist. But the pair’s differences quickly became their biggest asset. The uke is high, the cello is low; the uke plays short notes, the cello long bow strokes; the uke is all about strumming while the cello radiates melody. “We’re like a pair of dancers who can’t step on each other’s feet,” jokes James. Together, James and Anne craft a sound that is intricate, enchanting, and engaging: In concert, James is “a dazzling performer with a genial, low-key sense of humour” (Edmonton Journal) and Anne brings her “gorgeous syrupy voice” (Acoustic Magazine) to songs that are “inventive, entertaining, beautifully written and brilliantly performed” (R2 Magazine).


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