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Enjoy a Musical Fusion of Classical, Indigenous, and Urban Elements in Cris Derksen’s Solo Show

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Watch the show online!

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In cellist and composer Cris Derksen's solo show, classical, Indigenous, and urban elements combine.  You may get the propulsive pounding of powwow music, the head-nodding rhythms of a hip hop track, the metronome thumps of a techno mix, or all three in the same song.

Her instruments are loop pedals, a drum machine and, of course, the cello: its melodies are plaintive but catchy, growing in number as the song progresses. These hooks repeat like echoes, part of a thick mixture yet distinct within it. 

Watch the show on Surrey Civic Theatres' Facebook Page, tune in here, or the City of Surrey YouTube Channel.                               

Premiere Broadcast: February 26, 7PM available to watch until April 9, 2021.

“Derksen creates undeniably modern music that mixes folk, classical, dance, and aboriginal structures and tunes with electronic beats” — MusicWorks 

About Cris Derksen

Juno nominated Cris Derksen, originally from Northern Alberta, Canada, is an internationally respected Indigenous cellist and composer.

Derksen braids the traditional and contemporary, weaving her classical background and her Indigenous ancestry together with new school electronics to create genre-defying music. As a composer she has her foot in many worlds working in choral, symphonic, film, theatre, and dance, with a new commission from the Calgary Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra premiering in 2020.

As a performer Derksen performs nationally and internationally. Recent destinations include Hong Kong, Australia, Mongolia, Europe, Mexico, and a whole lot of Canada: the place Derksen refers to as home.  

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Photo credits: Tanja Tizian