Two performers for show Doodle POP stand on stage with arms outstretched in the centre of a background projection of black and white lines.

Drawings come to life in this charming and clever show!

Part of the Surrey SPARK Stages weekend of performances for kids and families presented by Surrey Civic Theatres.

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May 26, 20236:30pm - 7:20pm Add to calendar
May 27, 202311:30am - 12:20pm Add to calendar
May 27, 20231:30pm - 2:20pm Add to calendar
May 28, 20234:10pm - 5:00pm Add to calendar


Surrey Arts Centre 13750 88 Avenue

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Brush Theatre | South Korea

  • Ages 3-8
  • 50 minutes

A mischievous duo starts to doodle... and their drawing comes to life right before your eyes! You're invited along on a big sea adventure with a tiny wayward turtle. What will happen as you follow these vivid drawings into a deep underwater world? Funny and endearing, the adventure unfolds through whiteboard drawings, animation, and a live musical score complete with sound effects. This touching and playful performance will spark the imagination!

Relaxed Performance: Saturday, May 27 at 11:30am

Relaxed or sensory-friendly performances create a more welcoming, accessible and comfortable theatre environment for everyone. They're specially crafted for anyone who would benefit from a more informal theatre environment, including children on the autism spectrum or who have sensory and/or communication disorders. This performance will feature a smaller theatre capacity, flexible general admission seating and modified sound and lighting effects.

For all our performances, we have a limited number of noise cancelling headphones and sensory toys that are available from our front desk upon request. 

“The main strength of this show is that it is as awe-inspiring for the adults as it is for children…the performers charm their way into the audience’s hearts so much so it’s hard to part ways at the end of the hour.” — Exeunt Magazine


About Brush Theatre

BRUSH Theatre LLC, based in Seoul, South Korea, is a theatre for young audiences, passionately driven by performing live internationally. BRUSH Theatre believes in the little child that everyone has inside who loves to live out art in life. They envision the inner child growing into a powerful creator through boundless forms of art - the reason why children are their favorite audience! They inspire children all over the world from different socio-economic and geographic backgrounds through their out-of-the-box performance and one-of-a-kind acts built for audiences of every age, race, and culture. The company’s work has been presented by Birmingham On The Edge Festival (UK), Cape Town Cradle of Creativity Festival (South Africa), Hamedan 23rd International Children and Youth Theatre Festival (Iran), and The National library of Kyrgyz Republic. Awarded the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2018 Asian Arts Award 'BEST COMEDY' when Doodle Pop was performed under its previous name Woogie Boogie.


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