Four characters from the puppet play Pinocchio pose with the puppet

This isn't Disney's Pinocchio! A new look at an old classic.

Part of the Surrey SPARK Stages weekend of performing arts for kids and families presented by Surrey Civic Theatres.


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May 27, 20231:00pm - 2:00pm Add to calendar
May 28, 20233:45pm - 4:45pm Add to calendar


Surrey Arts Centre 13750 88 Avenue

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A Teater Patrasket Production | Denmark

  • Ages 8-12
  • 60 minutes

This isn’t Disney! Based on Carlo Collodi’s classic story, “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” Teater Patrasket from Denmark brings us a mad adventure for ages 8-12 that is a long way from Disney’s version from the 1940s. Told by clowns in a a musical circus universe, this retelling has puppet boy Pinocchio learning about what it means to be "real" through a dangerous journey full of odd characters, temptations and deceptions. Touching and hilarious with a dark humour and European steampunk vibe, it’s a wild show that adults will love too as it explores the perils of parenting while asking some of life's biggest questions: What does it mean to be human? What is the meaning of love?



About Teater Patrasket

Teater Patrasket has existed since 1985 as a primarily actor-led theatre. They are based in Copenhagen, but tour all over the country and sometimes also out into the world with performances for children, young people and adults. 

Teater Patrasket makes theatre for children, but most of all for all people. Based on children as an audience, they create theatre that is simple in its form and universally human in its content that can also be enjoyed by adults. They create theatre with the heart, to touch their audience through strong stories within their form simultaneously opening up to play, magic and poetry. 


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