Tree blossoms at the farm

Get ready to plant your garden at our annual gardening event.

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April 1, 202310:00am - 2:00pm Add to calendar


Historic Stewart Farm 13723 Crescent Road, Surrey

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Gardeners Unite!

This year’s quaint event is ideal for local gardening gurus and amateurs alike. Bring your own open-pollinated seeds for the seed exchange, and purchase flower, vegetable, and herb seeds collected from Stewart Farm's very own heirloom garden. 

Visitors are encouraged to explore the scenic grounds, tour the Victorian farmhouse and walk the trails of Elgin Heritage Park as well. Leashed dogs are welcome too.  

Visitors may also take inspiration from the onsite heirloom garden. The Stewarts developed the farm in 1884 and lived on the site until the 1940s. During that time, the plants grown were open pollinated and GMO free. The tradition extends to the present day garden which is planted with organic, heirloom varieties the Stewarts would have grown in their time.  

A talented team of garden volunteers harvest and save the seeds annually for replanting and resale. These seeds will also be available for sale on Shopify beginning April 3rd.  

Additional parking is located in the West parking lot of Elgin Heritage Park. 


A previous Seedy Saturday event at the farm

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