Empty Council Chambers at Surrey City Hall

Attend or view a livestream of the special council meeting.


Attend in person at City Hall 13450 - 104 Avenue, or watch the livestream.

Attend or watch the public hearing

Council meetings are held in person in council chambers. Registration is not required to attend. You may also watch a livestream of the meeting.

Watch livestream

To find out what will be discussed at the meeting, see our list of upcoming Council Meeting Public Hearing Items.

Submit written comments

Submit your comments online through the Public Hearing Submission form. Do not use this form if you have supporting documents—instead, send your comments along with attachments to clerks@surrey.ca.

You can also submit your comments by mail to Mayor and Council, 13450 - 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3T 1V8.

  • The deadline to receive submissions is 9am on the date of the Public Hearing.
  • Your comments are public record and viewable on our website.

Register to speak to a Public Hearing item

To register in person: Registration begins at 12:30pm in person at City Hall on the date of the Public Hearing.

Speakers are provided 5 minutes to make comments to Council regarding the bylaws being considered at a public Hearing.  Your comments must be relevant to the bylaw under consideration at the hearing. Once all registered speakers have made their comments, the Mayor will provide an opportunity for other attendees to provide their comments to Council.

If you do not wish to speak to a Public Hearing item, you can still register your support or opposition in person at City Hall. Staff will be outside of Council Chambers between 12:30pm and 12:55pm on the date of the Public Hearing to register you.

Keep Comments Relevant

Your comments must be relevant to the bylaw being considered at the Public Hearing.

A Public Hearing is not intended nor appropriate to be a platform on matters that are not relevant to the bylaw being considered. Speaking to other matters is a disruption to the orderly conduct of the Public Hearing.

If you fail to keep your comments relevant to the bylaw being considered at the Public Hearing, you will lose your opportunity to speak at the Public Hearing. The Chair of the meeting is responsible for keeping order and has a right to take necessary steps to do so, including ordering your expulsion should your disruptive behaviour continue.

Supporting Laws

Local governments have the right to preserve order at their meetings. This includes restricting comments that are not properly the subject of the public hearing.