Photograph of Manuel Piña on the left: on the right, two black and white stills from his video artwork showing abstract representations of the ocean.

Exhibiting artist Manuel Piña discusses his process and inspiration for his current video project.

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Add to Calendar 20211202 193000 20211202 210000 America/Vancouver Thursday Artist Talk: Manuel Piña, "Naufragios" Exhibiting artist Manuel Piña discusses his process and inspiration for his current video project. Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Ave


Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Ave

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In Manuel Piña's video artwork Naufragios in the Surrey Arts Centre lobby, the ocean becomes a kaleidoscope. Titled after the Spanish word for “shipwreck,” Naufragios captures concerns about utopia, migration, and space. Through edited imagery of the ocean, Piña's work reflects upon time and image-making. Over the course of the video, footage of the ocean endlessly twists and fragments around itself. In the process, Piña creates dizzying geometric patterns. The project extends the artist's ongoing investigation of everyday images and abstraction in lens-based media. His art speaks to force and movement in the form of wakes, ripples, and waves.

Naufragios draws attention to the ocean’s many symbolic meanings and its relevance to current affairs. The ocean embodies the dreams of peoples relocating to a new home, while at the same time evoking colonial conquest, commerce, and expansion. In twisting the imagery of the ocean, Piña interrupts these processes or at least calls them into question.

At this artist talk, learn more about the complexities of the artist’s philosophy as well as his insights into the creative process. The talk will be available for replay afterwards.

About the Artist

Manuel Piña is an artist, teacher, and social and spiritual activist. His research adopts spirituality and technology as a way of expanding upon present realities and challenges. Piña is co-founder of the Newtribes School, an online and land-based global network of healers, teachers, and cultural and software activists working towards the preservation and dissemination of ancestral wisdom and language. Piña was born in Havana and graduated as mechanical engineer in Vladimir, Russia, in 1983. He began exhibiting his art in 1992. He has been a professor at the University of British Columbia since 2004, and his work has been exhibited globally.

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