A woman is surrounded by a long stretches of red, blue and purple yarn as she looks at the camera as she dances low to the ground, the audience is sitting in a circle

A gentle show created for babies and toddlers that will spark their imagination.

Part of the Surrey SPARK Stages weekend of performances for kids and families presented by Surrey Civic Theatres.

Date & Time

May 27, 202312:30pm - 1:05pm Add to calendar
May 27, 20234:25pm - 5:00pm Add to calendar
May 28, 20231:00pm - 1:35pm Add to calendar
May 28, 20234:25pm - 5:00pm Add to calendar


Surrey Arts Centre 13750 88 Avenue

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By Foolish Operations | BC

  • Ages 0-2
  • 35 minutes

Tricoter (tree-ko-tay) means "knitting" in French. This performance recreates the spirit and community of a knitting circle. Filled with gentle play and exploration, the dance captures the imagination of babies and toddlers as it winds and unwinds through and around the audience who are sitting in a circle, on the floor. Share this special experience with your little one as they delight in the mix of colour, movement, sound, and texture. 



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