Acrobat arms out, doing the splits in the air with legs supported only by straps hanging from above

Astonishing acrobatic and energetic drum rhythms that burst from the stage!

Part of the Surrey SPARK Stages weekend of performing arts for kids and families presented by Surrey Civic Theatres.

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May 27, 20234:00pm - 4:50pm Add to calendar
May 28, 20231:00pm - 1:50pm Add to calendar


Surrey Arts Centre 13750 88 Avenue

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A Cirque Kalabanté Production | Quebec 

  • Ages 8-12
  • 50 minutes

Thrilling and breathtaking! You’ll be captivated by courageous feats of balance and strength as daring acrobats tumble and leap to the lively rhythms of the drums. Won’Ma Africa, meaning “Our Africa” in the Soussou language of Guinea, symbolizes the strength, agility, and the joy of life found in African youth. Cirque Kalabanté performances are a carnival of sound and colour! The exhilarating combination of modern circus arts, African dance and the traditional music of West Africa is a spectacular showcase for the exceptional talents of these performers. This is not to be missed!


Four performers on stage wearing traditional Guinean dance clothing, one is doing a flip in the air while another performer has his arms outstretched to catch him.


About Cirque Kalabanté 

Kalabanté Productions was created in 2007 by Montréaler Yamoussa Bangoura, an acrobat, musician, aerialist, choreographer, and artistic director of Guinean origin who studied in France and Spain and performed with Cavalia, Cirque du Soleil, and Cirque Éloize. He always dreamed of founding a circus school and having his own multidisciplinary company specializing in the African arts. Kalabanté began doing shows in Quebec, and over the years expanded to all of Canada, working throughout the year. Working at many of the prestigious Children’s Festivals throughout the country, Kalabanté has made a name for itself as a top children’s performing group as well as an adult circus performing company. Kalabanté has a studio and school in Montreal, where classes are offered in African dance, cirque, and drumming.

About Yamoussa Bangoura

Kalabanté Productions Artistic Director, Yamoussa Bangoura shares his values and his passion thanks to the teaching of the various artistic disciplines which he masters in circus arts, African dance, and traditional music of West Africa. Yamoussa first became interested in the circus arts as a young man growing up in Conakry Guinea in the 1990s. He studied the circus performers he saw on European TV and practiced on the beach and dirt around his home. He also studied the Nyamakala tradition of circus, practiced by the Fula people of West Africa. He eventually joined Guinea’s original circus company, Circus Baobob with whom he toured Africa and Europe. With this company, he was able to spend time in Spain and France where he honed many of the European style circus skills. In the early 2000s, he was recruited to come to Canada with Cirque Eloize, a Montreal-based Canadian cirque company. While in Canada, he also performed with Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia (cirque with horses). In 2007, Yamoussa realized his dream and opened his own company, Kalabanté Productions, in Montreal, Canada. He recruited many of his extended family members to join the company, including his twin sisters, brothers, and cousins.


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