Kids drawing outdoors at their summer day camp.

Find out how children can make the most of their summer day camp experience. 

May 17, 2021
Parks & Recreation Release

A Fun Routine

Summer day camps provide structure to their days during summer. While two months off over the summer would be a dream for most adults, for kids the days can stretch on endlessly.  Having somewhere to go and fun activities to look forward to helps children navigate the long stretch of time off from school and alleviates boredom.

Boost Self-Esteem

Day camps help develop confidence. Meeting new people, learning new skills and being a little independent from parents in a fully supervised and safe environment increases confidence in kids and helps in their growth and maturity.  Our camp leaders help by encouraging kids to try new things and being supportive when they do.

Making Friends

Day camps help build friendships. Kids meet new children that they might not usually interact with and create new relationships. Through our camp leaders, they also have positive experiences with other caring adults outside the home which is important for their well being.

Staying Active

Day camps provide opportunities for physical exercise.  Kids need physical activity to stay healthy both in body and mind. Summer day camps provide plenty of opportunities both indoors and out for kids to be active, whether it’s playing games, engaging in sports, or going swimming.

Reduced Anxiety 

Unlike sleep away camps, there is often less anxiety for kids who go home at the end of each day to their families vs. being away from their parents for a week or more. City of Surrey day camps are often in familiar environments like neighbourhood recreation centres or schools.


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